JAZZ – What to listen for?

Pete Weise

Pete Weise, Jazz Guitarist

by Pete Weise

There are three main components to any jazz piece: melody/harmony, time and form. All members of the group are responsible for each of these. It’s easy to relegate the drums to playing time, the bass to outlining the harmony and the guitar to playing the melody. If that’s all that happened in the performance of each tune, it would be boring.

When you improvise over a tune, all of these aspects are fair game and should be used by the soloist and the ensemble at all times. Each of the performers is listening to the others not to react to what is happening, but to add to it and respond to what is being played at the time. I have chosen six originals and one arrangement for the Jazz Club performance this year and they are not far from the standard tradition. It’s a variety of modern harmony, bebop, funk and ballads. We’ll be doing the traditional head/solo/head treatment on most of them, but the goal is to blend the improvising together with the melody and vice versa.

“I’m really looking forward to playing with Daniel Foose (bass) and Danny Welchel (drums). Playing in a trio setting provides a lot of freedom to explore the avenues of time, melody and form and getting to play with these musicians will be a lot of fun!”

Pete Weise


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